Judge Jeanine Pirro Exposes Shocking Truth Of What The FBI Is Doing To Trump Supporters [Video]

We are finding out more and more how biased the FBI is being in their investigation on President Trump. However Judge Jeanine just exposed the sad truth. “What would you say if I told you your vote doesn’t count?” she asked.

“That all the effort you put into the issues and candidates is a waste of time, that there are people at the citadel of power who believe that it is their right to invalidate your choice if they don’t agree with it?” she asked.

“Folks, this is not about politics. It’s much bigger. I doubt in American presidential history there has been as great a crime or as large a stain on our democracy than that committed by a criminal cabal in our FBI and Department of Justice who think they know better than we who our president should be,” she said.

“Members of the FBI and the Department of Justice, some of whom actually ended up on Bob Mueller’s team to prosecute Donald J. Trump, did everything they could to exonerate Hillary Clinton for her crimes and incriminate Donald Trump with a non-existent crime,” she said.

Do you think it’s awful how the media and the elites are trying to invalidate the will of the American people? Check out the video below.