While Some People Were Attacking President Trump In Hawaii, Melania Did Something Simply Amazing!

President Donald Trump is going everything he can to keep our country together. That is a hard thing to do considering what the left is doing to tear us apart on a daily basis. It really is sad to see him and his family treated with such hate on a daily basis. Everywhere he goes, those liberals are there to attack him for nothing. We have even been seeing this on Trump’s latest trip. He and first lady Melania Trump are going on an Asia trip to meet with world leaders.

But first, they took a detour in Hawaii as they had not yet been there since they took over the White House. And for the most part, it was a great trip with the First Couple getting to see so many of the monuments they have there in Hawaii. They got to learn all about the Pearl Harbor attacks that happened. But they also had some trouble with protesters that came to insult him and his wife.

They were met with signs such as “No aloha for Trump,” “dump Trump” and “we shall over comb.” Obviously not the kind of respect that the President of the United States deserves. And that is extremely unfortunate.

“The idea of the aloha spirit is that we welcome everyone who comes here. But when there’s a leader whose whole M.O. seems to be making America a less welcoming place for whole groups of people, that’s where we need to draw the line,” said Kaniela Ing, who serves as a Democrat from the state’s House of Representatives. “He’s simply not welcome.”

But Melania Trump didn’t take notice of any of that. Take a look at what she just did after landing in Hawaii.

This is just so sweet and it truly is what the position of first lady is all about. Melania has been one of the best ever and she continues to prove all of her haters wrong on a daily basis.

Melania is just about as sweet as they come! This is an amazing example of what she can do as first lady.