GAME OVER! Rockstar Who Banned Trump Voters From Concerts Has Just Been Arrested For Drugs

The vicious anti-Trump celebrities spent a hell of a time trying to compromise and discredit the president. Instead of trying to get better in their artistic professions and only entertain the fans, some celebrities dedicated their profession to the vile liberal propaganda and they are stubborn as hell. However, all of those ‘role model’ citizens are not being totally honest with us. Hollywood is the kingdom of all hypocrites.

Hollywood has been largely against President Donald Trump from the get-go. Everything that he does is attacked by the left and it is starting to get out of hand. These people think that they can do and say whatever they want about President Trump. But that is no longer the case. And some have even come out saying that they no longer want Trump supporters as fans. This was most recently discovered with the rap star Eminem, who released a song that insulted millions across the country.

Another celebrity that has come out against his own fans for being Trump supporters is Todd Rundgren. He came out with a statement saying that he did not agree with Trump’s policies and therefore he does not want any fans that support President Trump. For a dying artist, it seems like maybe he would be a little slower to condemn half his fan base, if he has one at all.

As it turns out, he has been hiding something pretty big from his supporters since August. He and Melissa Etheridge were arrested at the North Dakota Canadian border for marijuana possession. Rundgren had THC oil in a vape on September 9th. He has been trying to hide this for quite sometime, but fortunately someone got a hold of it.

Etheridge is a weed entrepreneur (we are guessing that’s a new job title) in California and was caught with numerous different substances. She has been one of the big people to come out saying that weed helped her while recovering from her breast cancer.

According to those close to the crimes, he had no excuse for having THC oil in a vape. Obviously, this will be looked at by the proper authorities. But this is yet another example of a big name Hollywood liberal thinking that they can do whatever they want.

That is no longer the case in President Trump’s America. Especially for a guy who has come out saying that he does not want anyone who likes Trump to come to his concert.