NFL Thursday Night Football Ratings Officially In…And They’re Really Bad

This is what happens when you play with fire – you get burned. I guess the spoiled NFL players never learned this simple lesson.

Why would they? They have been coddled all their lives, pampered millions masquerading as the disadvantaged.

But with the resentment building in America, the players would be wise to listen up before it is too late.

And if the new ratings for Thursday night’s game won’t scare the players straight than nothing will.

According to the The Daily Caller last night’s game between the Ravens and Dolphins hit a new low.

“Thursday Night Football” hit a new low falling a whopping 15 percent over last week’s game with just an 8.4/14 share. The lowest of the year so far.

These are early numbers and the game was a total blowout with the Ravens dominating from the kickoff and finishing with a 40-0 score, so the massive drop cannot be solely attributed to the flag protesting players.

That said there is an unmistakable pattern emerging since the protests began with Kaepernick last year.

Declining ratings and declining attendance.

Adding to the horror is a Sports Illustrated article that shows an even bigger problem – 25 of the 31 teams have seen local ratings decline as well.