Kneeling 49ers Donate $500,000 to Push Gun Control

The San Francisco 49ers, in support of banning bump stocks, have pledged $500,000 towards a campaign for gun control legislation.

The pledge is to promote a “more understanding and safer America,” according to ESPN’s Nick Wagoner.

Wagoner continues, explaining that the 49ers now “advocate for legislation banning “bump stocks” and other mechanisms that allow semi automatic weapons to become automatic weapons, as well as silencers and armor piercing bullets.”

As usual, mainstream media continues to twist “bump stocks.” A bump stock does not allow a semi automatic to “become” an automatic. Bump stocks bounce the trigger finger back onto the trigger, but one bullet is still fired per trigger pull.

They’re bought because they do the job of the well known “rubber band trick” but add to the gun’s aesthetic appeal. Many gun owners know a simple rubber band can be used rather than a bump stock for more rapid fire.

 Nevertheless, liberals maintain that banning the sale of bump stocks will protect Americans, and the San Francisco 49ers are among the uninformed crowd which believes it.

From Bleacher Report:

The legislation would ban mechanisms that can make a semi-automatic weapon an automatic weapon, in addition to silencers and armor-piercing bullets.

Per Robert Salonga of the Mercury News, a portion of the 49ers’ donation will go toward nationally televised public service announcements meant to ease tension between law enforcement and those who fear police violence.

The 49ers and a coalition of police unions also released a joint statement regarding the partnership:

“The duty of law enforcement must also include actively participating in bringing our nation together and working to foster a more understanding and compassionate national dialogue around community and police officer relations. We believe that professional sports teams should utilize their capacity to reach millions of Americans to promote initiatives that help law enforcement professionals and the citizens they serve understand their respective experiences and to listen to one another with an open mind and heart.”

The 49ers joining forces with local and national police is significant since police violence played a partial role in former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting during the national anthem last season.

ABC’s Matt Keller Tweeted a pledge which the 49ers and police unions signed.

The notion that “professional sports teams should utilize their capacity to reach millions of Americans” echoes the argument for why players ought to be allowed to protest on company time, in company uniform. The 49ers players have participated heavily in recent protests on the field, kneeling during the national anthem.

The signers agree to certain goals. Among them:

To keep our citizens and our officers safe, we will work with our local, state, and federal legislatures to ban “bump stocks” and any other mechanism that allows for the conversion of a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon; armor piercing bullets; and gun silencers.

The agreement portrays itself as cooperation between the 49ers and police officers, while it’s really just about shared politics. Leftist police unions and Leftist sports teams will both donate to Leftist lawmakers. (Though even police unions were avoiding the games because of Kaepernick’s message.)

The agreement parrots the popular misconception of “conversion” into automatic weapons.

When they agree to fight to outlaw “any other mechanism that allows for the conversion,” it’s clear that they’ll wait around until some liberal news source tells them what those other mechanisms might be. They obviously don’t know, or don’t care, that rubber bands are among them.