NFL-Reporter Asks Trump Why He’s Wasting Time On NFL Protests, His Response Will Give You CHILLS

Donald Trump is fighting on so many fronts. His enemies from the mainstream media just don’t want to let him take a breath from their provocative and insulting questions, very often, ironically stupid and unnecessary. However, their show must go on, but Trump also must put them to shame in front of the entire nation.

Today, a crooked reporter dared to “ask” (condemn) President Trump why he’s wasting so much time and energy on the NFL. Trump’s response is priceless and every American need to see how their president defends the dignity of the national symbols.

Trump today gave a good lesson to all American haters who can’t stand the existence of the Republic and the Oval Office as an institution.

Trump had a visit from the Spanish Prime Minister in the White House and they were talking about the N. Korean tension and the nuclear threat that affects the entire world.

But after a while, the reporters were given the chance to speak.


President Trump first pointed out that it only takes a few seconds to Tweet something out or make a comment about the NFL. He said “all he does” is work so he has plenty of time. Then, he walked the reporter through everything his Admin. has done for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida. Trump said the Governor of Puerto Rico had just sent him a personal message thanking him for all he’s done. 

Trump also defended his NFL comments, said that honoring our country is VERY important and he won’t back down from his message to the NFL. “Many people have died… Many people are so horribly injured… fighting for our country, fighting for our flag, fighting for our national anthem. And for people to disrespect that by kneeling during the playing of our National Anthem is disgraceful,” Trump said.

This was a truly powerful response. Are you proud with President Trump in the office and his traditional, conservative views?

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