Boycotting The NFL Reached Another Level…Look At Thursday Game’s Empty Arenas

NFL’s anthem protests took the toll on the country on a large scale. However, protesting led the NFL into far bigger problems, too. The League has been struggling to sell tickets to their games, has been experiencing viewership deficiency and has overall angered fans across the US.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tried clarifying that all players were obliged to stand during the anthem, but no player that disobeyed was ever sanctioned. This makes the NFL look like a complete mockery.

On Thursday, the Oakland Raiders played against the Kansas City Chiefs, but the arena was left half-empty, due to disappointed fans deciding not to show up and witness the protesting nonsense.

Take a look at what the stadium looked like in light of the game.


That’s so disappointing. If this doesn’t send the NFL a direct message, nothing truly will. Seeing a great sport turn into a massive circus is simply saddening. Oh, NFL, you ruined Sundays for everyone. No deed goes unpunished, though, and this ought to be a learning lesson for everyone involved.

Now, welcome to the America where no patriot will indulge unprofessional and degrading behavior.

Do you think the teams deserved what was coming to them? Is this how we can oppose the anti-American agenda NFL players are trying to impose on us?