Broncos Team Are Facing Some Of the Worst News Of The Season

Sadly, the NFL miscalculated the outcome of the national anthem protests, which Colin Kaepernick started.

Their plan was to shatter some light on the issue that they believe it is problematic, but all they did was drawn attention to the entitled racist mindset held by many players in the NFL. And now the Denver Broncos are facing harsh consequences, not only the ratings and the ticket sales are going down, but the local sponsors are also withdrawing.

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall was one of the first players to start protesting after Kaepernick. This caused him the loss of his personal endorsements, as well as the team sponsors. Also, the local radio stations are losing the advertisements for the slots during the broadcasts of the Broncos games.

“Yeah, there’s been a couple’ that have pulled out, said Tim Hager, the market manager for iHeartMedia’s Denver stations, including KOA, ‘and that’s the rationale.’

Despite the fact that the NFL millionaires don’t care, the small business doesn’t want to be associated with a league which is against everything our nation stands for.

 “Controversy bubbled up again last month when teams throughout the league took part in various protests before and during the playing of the anthem — and this time around, there was fallout for Von Miller, the Broncos’ biggest star. Miller’s decision to take a knee, along with dozens of teammates, was followed by reports that Phil Long Dealerships had dropped him as an endorser. Miller’s reps subsequently insisted that his deal with the company had lapsed months earlier and negotiations were ongoing — but a statement from the firm strongly suggested that he shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for a new pact to be signed. It read in part: ‘When we bring in celebrities to represent us, we run the risk of being misinterpreted.’”

Phil Long Dealerships is trying to explain that when they endorse a celebrity, they are trusting their business as well and if the celebrity is acting in a certain way that can hurt their business. And this happens often, business going down because they’ve trusted their name to some celebrity who acted badly.

Hager says the reason for pulling their advertisements is because people don’t approve of NFL protests.

He said, “we immediately found ways for the advertisers to get their message out and support what they wanted to support. And we’ve also been airing the national anthem in our game broadcasts, which we didn’t do before this year. So we’ve found ways to strengthen what we’re doing.”

The American people are still trying to take down NFL at national level, and it has been working, every change starts with small impacts and then goes big. So, it seems that we are on the right track.

The TV ratings are down by 7.5 % compared to the last year, but Hager says KOA’s hast have the same fate, saying, “there was a groundswell immediately after [the September protest] happened, but that’s calmed down. Right now, I’m not seeing anything that has me overly concerned.”