After NFL ‘Demanded’ Players To Stand For Anthem, Look What They Did Today

Not good! Packers players and coaching staff are playing with fire. This team is one of the biggest disappointments this year and not in the game only, but because of their involvement in the biggest political scandal in the league. This weekend they continue their trend. It doesn’t seem like they learned their lesson. Read more below:

Not long ago, the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, issued a response to the players which protested the national anthem and disrespected the primary American values by kneeling during the playing of the anthem at the beginning of the games. And it seems that his words have echoed throughout the league, sparking a change which started with the Green Bay Packers.

His response stated, “… we believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem. It is an important moment in our game. We want to honor our flag and our country, and our fans expect that of us.” But it apparently took more than President Donald Trump’s word on the matter to get the players to listen, as now, before the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings game took place, every single player on the field stood for the national anthem, linking arms in unity.

But the interesting thing about this whole situation was the fact that the mainstream media failed to cover this as it would ruin the reputation they had been striving to build to represent all the NFL teams as filled with protesting players. Another reason why many people are unaware is that Fox News, as well as ESPN, recently made their final decision not to broadcast the playing of the national anthem, all with the goal of avoiding covering any protests.

The reason behind their decision not to cover the anthem is because many people have expressed their outrage, thus leading to the burning of seasonal tickets, leaving stadiums half-empty, and making sure that the TV ratings of the NFL go down by a landslide when compared to last season.