After Encouraging Kneelers, The NFL Just Got Hit With Some Very BAD News

The NFL has been a fixture of many people’s lives for many years.

Waiting for football season to begin, hoping for tickets to the Super Bowl.

But this year, people are noticing something.

Nevertheless, with the NFL seemingly encouraging players — or at the very least giving a pass to players who protest the national anthem, that trend may be diminishing. Many fans have expressed their frustration with the league by turning off their televisions and choosing not to attend games.

Last week was the first week of the league games, and one of the first things people noticed was empty seats in the stadiums.

Los Angeles during the Rams game.

Los Angeles.

As Joe Lockhart notes, empty seats are a problem.

Empty seats will hit them in the pocketbook where it hurts.

Sports Illustrated reported that in the past year, more players with the NFL have protested the anthem. In the third week of the preseason games, players in at least six games exhibited some form of protest during the anthem.

One of the unintended consequences of NFL players protesting the anthem could be the destruction of their own league, and the league’s encouragement of this kind of behavior does’ help the situation. In fact, it angers patriotic fans who simply want to watch a game and not be bothered by political and anti-American statements.

NFL is of course, able to make any decisions they want. But so can their patrons.